lxcfs - Man Page

System virtualization filesystem for containers


lxcfs <directory>


LXCFS is a simple fuse- and cgroup-based filesystem virtualizing various aspects of the system to extend the useability of containers.

lxcfs is a FUSE-based proc, sys and cgroup virtualizing filesystem


-d,  --debug

Run lxcfs with debugging enabled

-f,  --foreground

Run lxcfs in the foreground

-n,  --help

Print help

-l, --enable-loadavg Enable loadavg virtualization


Options to pass directly through fuse

-p,  --pidfile=FILE

Path to use for storing lxcfs pid Default pidfile is /run/lxcfs.pid

-u,  --disable-swap

Disable swap virtualization

-v,  --version

Print lxcfs version


Enable CPU virtualization via CPU shares


Use pidfd for process tracking

See Also

lxc(1), lxc.container.conf(5)


October 2021 lxcfs PROJECT_VERSION