lxc-update-config - Man Page

update a legacy pre LXC 2.1 configuration file


lxc-update-config {-c config}


lxc-update-config detects any legacy configuration keys in the given config file and will replace them with the appropriate new configuration keys.

lxc-update-config will first create a backup of the old config file in the same directory and name it config.backup and then update the original config file in place. In case the update fails to apply or leads to an invalid config file that cannot be used to start a container users can either compare config with config.backup and try to manually repair any the invalid configuration keys or simply rollback to the legacy configuration file by copying config.backup to config.

Any failures for lxc-update-config to generate a useable config file are a bug and should be reported upstream.


-c, ā€‰--config

Path to the configuration file to update.

-h, --help

See Also

lxc(7), lxc-create(1), lxc-copy(1), lxc-destroy(1), lxc-start(1), lxc-stop(1), lxc-execute(1), lxc-console(1), lxc-monitor(1), lxc-wait(1), lxc-cgroup(1), lxc-ls(1), lxc-info(1), lxc-freeze(1), lxc-unfreeze(1), lxc-attach(1), lxc.conf(5)


Christian Brauner <christian.brauner@ubuntu.com>