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lv2ls - Man Page

list all installed LV2 plugins


lv2ls[-Vhn] [--help] [--names] [--version]


lv2ls prints the URI of every installed LV2 plugin to stdout.

Plugins are discovered with the same mechanism used by most hosts. The default path can be overridden by setting the LV2_PATH environment variable.

The options are as follows:

-V, --version

Display version information and exit.

-h, --help

Print the command line options.

-n, --names

Show names instead of URIs.



List of directories to search for LV2 plugin bundles, in the style of PATH.

Exit Status

lv2ls exits with a status of 0, or non-zero if an error occurred.

See Also


lv2ls is a part of lilv, by David Robillard d@drobilla.net.

Referenced By

jalv(1), jalv.gtk(1), jalv.gtk3(1), jalv.qt5(1), lv2apply(1), lv2bench(1), lv2info(1).

November 29, 2022