lutris - Man Page

video game preservation platform



lutris [OPTION] URI

Run a game directly by adding the parameter lutris:rungame/game-identifier.
If several games share the same identifier you can use the numerical ID (displayed when running lutris --list-games) and add lutris:rungameid/numerical-id.
To install a game, add lutris:install/game-identifier.

Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show GApplication options


Show GTK+ Options

Application Options

-v,  --version

Print the version of Lutris and exit

-d,  --debug

Show debug messages

-i,  --install

Install a game from a yml file

-b,  --output-script

Generate a bash script to run a game without the client

-e,  --exec

Execute a program with the lutris runtime

-l,  --list-games

List all games in database

-o,  --installed

Only list installed games

-s,  --list-steam-games

List available Steam games


List all known Steam library folders

-j,  --json

Display the list of games in JSON format


Reinstall game


Submit an issue


X display to use