lur-command man page

lur-command ā€” list, pair and unpair Logitech Unifying devices


lur-command find
lur-command list <device>
lur-command open <device>
lur-command close <device>
lur-command disconnect <index> <device>


Common options


displays a short help message.

Listing receivers


lists all identified receivers on the system (scanning /dev/hidrawn devices).

Listing connected devices

list <device>

lists the devices connected to the given receiver device.

Pairing devices

open <device>

opens the given receiver for pairing, for 30s.

Closing a receiver

close <device>

closes the given receiver, if it is currently open for pairing.

Disconnecting a device

disconnect <index> <device>

disconnects the device matching the given index from the given receiver. The index is as determined by the list command.

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0.9.903 lur-command