lumina-open - Man Page

a graphical front-end to xdg-open. Opens files or links with the proper application.


lumina-open[-select | -action <ActionID>] [FILE_PATH | URL]
lumina-open[-volumeup | -volumedown | -brightnessup | -brightnessdown | -autostart-apps | -terminal]


Given a file with an absolute pathway or URL, the lumina-open utility finds the appropriate application to open the file. If the file is a *.desktop application shortcut, lumina-open starts the application automatically. lumina-open can also perform specific system operations. Here are all flags and descriptions:


Displays the description and usage for lumina-open.

lumina-open -select

Bypasses any default application settings to display the application selector window.

lumina-open -action ActionID

Runs the specified ActionID that is listed in a .desktop registration file rather than the main command.

lumina-open -volumeup

Increase system audio volume by 5%.

lumina-open -volumedown

Decrease system audio volume by 5%.

lumina-open -brightnessup

Increase screen brightness by 5%.

lumina-open -brightnessdown

Decrease screen brightness by 5%.

lumina-open -autostart-apps

Launches all applications registered with the XDG autostart application. Typically run by the desktop instead of manually launched.

lumina-open -terminal

Open the default terminal.


lumina-open sample.txt

lumina-open finds the default program for .txt files and opens sample.txt with the appropriate application.

lumina-open ~/Documents

lumina-open launches the default file manager pointed to the current Documents directory.


Launches the default web browser pointed to the Lumina website.



Default file that saves mimetype to application associations.


Default file that saves mimetype to application associations for the current desktop session. This file is used before the generic associations file.

See Also



For .desktop entry specifications and formatting, refer to these websites:

Specifications for .desktop files.

Details how default applications are registered.

Used in the -autostart-apps action. Determines which applications are automatically started.


Tim Moore and Aaron St. John ⟨⟩


November 7, 2017