lumina-mediaplayer - Man Page

a graphical utility to play media files and stream online radio services.


lumina-mediaplayer[--pandora] [Files]


lumina-mediaplayer opens the graphical interface for the media player. The user can sync a Pandora account and stream music. The user can also create and manage a playlist of media files.

Listing multiple files opens them in a playlist. It can open .mp3, .mp4, .flac, .acc, .mpeg2, and mpeg4 files. The user can use the command line to add songs by listing media file names.

lumina-mediaplayer has one optional argument:


Opens the interface on the Pandora account page.


% lumina-mediaplayer Downloads/Testing.mp3

Opens the interface and adds Testing.mp3 into the playlist.

% lumina-mediaplayer Downloads/Testing.mp3 Testing2.mp4

Opens the interface and adds Testing.mp3 and Testing2.mp4 into the playlist.

Optional Runtime Dependencies

Installing other utilities can make more options available. These extra utilities are supported:


This provides streaming from the Pandora online radio service.



Aaron St. John and Tim Moore ⟨⟩


November 2, 2017