lumina-fm - Man Page

is a utility used for browsing and interacting with files on the system.


lumina-fm[-new-instance] [FILE]


lumina-fm is the CLI command to open Insight File Manager. The file manager interface maintains files stored on the system. lumina-fm can take an optional argument and file path. If no argument or file path is specified, the command opens the Insight File Manager in the home directory. Specifying a file path while the interface is open creates a new tab in the existing window.


Opens Insight File Manager in a new window.


% lumina-fm -new-instance /usr/bin/etc

Opens Insight in a new window pointed to the specified directory.

% lumina-fm /usr/etc/bin

Opens the specified directory with the file manager. If Insight is already open, a second tab is created.

Optional Runtime Dependencies

If other lumina utilities are installed more options are available. The following are optional for lumina-fm


Gives the option to instantaneously extract an archive into a new subfolder within the current directory.


Gives the option to "open-with".


Provides an option to view the properties of files.



Aaron St. John and Tim Moore ⟨⟩


November 2, 2017