lumina-archiver - Man Page

a graphical front-end to tar. Manages and creates archives.


lumina-archiver[--burn-img FILE] [--ax FILE] [--aa NEW_ARCHIVE Files] [--sx ARCHIVE EXTRACT_PATH]


lumina-archiver is a graphical front end to the tar utility. lumina-archiver includes limited support for copying USB images to a USB device. This uses the dd utility. lumina-archiver requires two runtime utilities: tar and dd. The tar utility is used for the backend archive control system. The dd utility is used to copy an image file ("*.img") to a USB device.

Arguments for lumina-archiver include:


This launches the burn dialog when lumina-archiver loads.


This auto-extracts a file into a new directory with the same name as the given file.


Auto extracts files into a new archive the user designates.


Designate an archive and path to place extracted files.


% lumina-archiver --burn-img ./TrueOS-2017-07-05-x64-USB.img

Opens the burn dialog for TrueOS-2017-07-05-x64-USB.img.

% lumina-archiver --ax ./

Auto-extracts into a directory called lumina-master.


See Also

dd(1), tar(1)


Aaron St. John and Tim Moore ⟨⟩


November 2, 2017