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luatools - Man Page

ConTeXt TDS Management Tool (aka luatools)


luatools [ Options ... ] [ FILENAMES ]


ConTeXt TDS Management Tool (aka luatools)



generate file database


show configuration variables


show configuration order


expand complex variable


expand variable (resolve paths)


expand variable (resolve references)


show path expansion of ...


report value of variable


report file location


report path of file


[or --ini] make luatex format


[or --fmt] run luatex format


assemble and compile lua inifile


give a bit more info


show all found files


filter cf format specification (default 'tex', use 'any' for any match)


filter variables


enable given trackers


More information about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be found at:

maillist: ntg-context@ntg.nl / http://www.ntg.nl/mailman/listinfo/ntg-context

webpage: http://www.pragma-ade.nl / http://tex.aanhet.net

wiki: http://contextgarden.net


01-01-2023 version 1.35 ConTeXt TDS Management Tool (aka luatools)