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ltximg - Man Page

LaTeX environments to image and standalone files


ltximg [<options>] [--] <filename>.<tex|ltx>


ltximg automates the process of extracting and converting environments from LaTeX file to image formats and standalone files using ghostscript and poppler-utils. Generates a one file with only extracted environments and other with all extracted environments converted to \includegraphics.

By default the extracted environments are:

preview pspicture tikzpicture pgfpicture psgraph postscript PSTexample


Options that accept a value require either a blank space or = between the option and the value. Multiple short options can be bundling and if the last option takes a comma separated list you need -- at the end. Relative or absolute paths for directories and files is not supported.

If used without [<options>] the extracted environments are converted to pdf image format and saved in ./images directory using pdflatex and preview package for process.

General script options:

-h,  --help

Display command line help and exit.

-v,  --version

Display current version and exit.

-V,  --verbose

Verbose printing information.

-l,  --log

Write .log file with debug information.

-t,  --tif

Create .tif files using ghostscript.

-b,  --bmp

Create .bmp files using ghostscript.

-j,  --jpg

Create .jpg files using ghostscript.

-p,  --png

Create .png files using ghostscript.

-e,  --eps

Create .eps files using pdftops.

-s,  --svg

Create .svg files using pdftocairo.

-P,  --ppm

Create .ppm files using pdftoppm.

-g,  --gray

Gray scale for images using ghostscript.

-f,  --force

Capture \psset and \tikzset to extract.

-n,  --noprew

Create images files without preview package.

-r integer, --runs=integer

Set the number of times the compiler will run on the input file for environment extraction (default: 1).

-d integer, --dpi=integer

Dots per inch resolution for images (default: 150).

-m integer, --margins=integer

Set margins in bp for pdfcrop (default: 0).

-o filename, --output=filename

Create output file.


Set name of directory to save images and files (default: images).


Set prefix append to each generated files (default: fig).


Add \macroname to verbatim inline search (default: myverb).


Removes specific block text in output file (default: doc).


Compress files generated in .zip format.


Compress files generated in .tar.gz format.


Create files with only code of environments.


Create standalone files for environments.


Enable \write18{SHELL COMMAND}.


Using latex>dvips>ps2pdf for compiler input and pdflatex for compiler output.


Using latex>dvips>ps2pdf for compiler input and latex>dvips>ps2pdf for compiler output.


Using dvilualatex>dvips>ps2pdf for compiler input and lualatex for compiler output.


Using latex>dvipdfmx for compiler input and latex>dvipdfmx for compiler output.


Using xelatex for compiler input and output.


Using lualatex for compiler input and output.


Use arara for compiler input and output.


Using latexmk for compiler output file.


Run script, but no create images files.


Don't create a .pdf image files.


Don't run pdfcrop.


Add new environments to extract.


Skip some default environments to extract.


Add new verbatim environments.


Add new verbatim write environments.


Delete environments in output file.


ltximg --latex -e -p --subenv -o test-out.ltx test-in.ltx

Create a ./images directory (if it doesn't exist) with all extracted environments converted to .pdf, .eps, .png and standalone files, a file test-in-fig-all.ltx with all extracted environments and the file test-out.ltx with all environments converted to \includegraphics using latex>dvips>ps2pdf and preview package for test-in.ltx and pdflatex for test-out.ltx.


For full documentation use:

texdoc ltximg

Issues and Reports

Repository : <https://github.com/pablgonz/ltximg>

Bug tracker: <https://github.com/pablgonz/ltximg/issues>


Pablo González Luengo, pablgonz@yahoo.com.

See Also

gs(1), dvips(1), ps2pdf(1), pdfcrop(1), pdftops(1), pdftocairo(1), pdftoppm(1)


2021-05-21 2.1 General Commands Manual