lsmd - Man Page


libStorageMgmt plug-in daemon.  Plug-ins execute in their own process space for fault isolation and to accommodate different plug-in licensing requirements.  Runs as an unprivileged user.


--plugindir = The directory where the plugins are located

--socketdir = The directory for IPC sockets

--confdir = The directory where the config file are located

-v = Verbose logging


= New style daemon (systemd) non-forking


Please report bugs to <>


Tony Asleson <>

Referenced By

arcconf_lsmplugin(1), hpsa_lsmplugin(1), local_lsmplugin(1), lsmd.conf(5), megaraid_lsmplugin(1), nfs_lsmplugin(1), simc_lsmplugin(1), sim_lsmplugin(1), smispy_lsmplugin(1), targetd_lsmplugin(1), udisks2_lsm.conf(5).

March 2013 lsmd 1.9.8 libStorageMgmt plug-in daemon