lsirq - Man Page

utility to display kernel interrupt information


lsirq [options]


Display kernel interrupt counter information.

The default output is subject to change.  So whenever possible, you should avoid using default outputs in your scripts.  Always explicitly define expected columns by using --output.


-n,  --noheadings

Don't print headings.

-o,  --output list

Specify which output columns to print.  Use --help to get a list of all supported columns.  The default list of columns may be extended if list is specified in the format +list.

-s,  --sort column

Specify sort criteria by column name.  See --help output to get column names.

-J,  --json

Use JSON output format.

-P,  --pairs

Produce output in the form of key="value" pairs.  All potentially unsafe characters are hex-escaped (\x<code>).

-V,  --version

Display version information and exit.


Display help text and exit.


Zhenwei Pi
Sami Kerola
Karel Zak


The lsirq command is part of the util-linux package and is available from Linux Kernel Archive.


February 2020 util-linux