lsdic man page

lsdic — Display the user dictionary list


lsdic [{-cs|-cannaserver} canna-server] [-i|-u user-name]


lsdic displays the list of the user's dictionaries.

To display the list of another user, specify the user name by -u option.   To display the system dictionary list, specify the -i option.


-cs canna-server (or -cannaserver canna-server)

Specifies the name of the server machine that contains the dictionaries  to be listed.


Displays the list of system dictionaries.

-u user-name

Displays the dictionary list of the specified user.

See Also

cpdic(1), mkdic(1), mvdic(1), rmdic(1),

Referenced By

catdic(1), chmoddic(1), cpdic(1), mkdic(1), mvdic(1), rmdic(1).