lrz man page

lrz — gzip compatible command line variant of lrzip


lrz [options] file


lrz is identical to the lrzip application, however, its command line options and behaviour are made to be as compatible with gzip as possible.


General options


Output to STDOUT.


Check integrity of file written on decompression.




Password protect sha512/aes128 encryption on compression.


Show help.


Display md5 hash integrity information.


Show compressed file information.


Display software version and license.


Show compression progress.


Operate recursively on directories.


Test compressed file integrity.


Increase verbosity.


Show version.

Options affecting output


Force overwrite of any existing files.


Don't delete source files on de/compression.


Keep broken or damaged output files.

--outfile  name
-o name

Specify the output file name and/or path.

--outdir dir
-O dir

Specify the output directory when -o is not used.

--suffix suffix
-S suffix

Specify compressed suffix (default '.lrz').

Options affecting compression


Bzip2 compression.


Gzip compression using zlib.


Lzo compression (ultra fast).


Lzma compression (default).


No backend compression - prepare for other compressor.


Zpaq compression (best, extreme compression, extremely slow).

Low level options

-1 .. -9
--level level
-L level

Set lzma/bzip2/gzip compression level (1-9, default 7).


Alias for -1.


Alias for -9.

--nice-level value
-N value

Set nice value to value (default 0).

--threads value
-P value

Set processor count to override number of threads.

--maxram size
-m size

Set maximim available ram as size * 100 MB. Overrides detected amount of available ram.


Disable LZO compressibility testing.


Use unlimited window size beyond ramsize (potentially much slower).

--window size
-w size

Set maximum compression window as size * 100 MB. Default chosen by heuristic dependent on ram and chosen compression.

See also lrzip(1)


lrz uses the same environment and configuration files as lrzip(1)


See lrzip(1)

See Also

lrzip.conf(5), lrzip(1), lrunzip(1), lrztar(1), lrzuntar(1), bzip2(1), gzip(1), lzop(1), rzip(1), zip(1)


This manual page was written by Con Kolivas <> (but may be used by others). Released under license GNU GPL version 2 or (at your option) any later version. For more information about license, visit <>.

Referenced By

lrunzip(1), lrzcat(1), lrzip(1), lrztar(1), lrzuntar(1).

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