lrs-fourier man page

lrs-fourier — use Fourier Elimination to project to a lower dimension


lrs-fourier INFILE [OUTFILE]


Lrs-fourier computes a projection from a higher dimension to a lower dimension using Fourier Elimination. INFILE must be of type integer or rational only. The only accepted option is “project”. This line in the input:

project t d_1 d_2 ... d_t

projects onto the t dimensions specified.

File Format

The input file should be in the format documented at http://cgm.cs.mcgill.ca/~avis/C/lrslib/….

Exit Status

The exit status is one if an error is encountered, or zero otherwise.

See Also

lrs(1), lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrsnash(1), lrs-rat2float(1),lrs-redund(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1)

Referenced By

lrs(1), lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrsnash(1), lrs-rat2float(1), lrs-redund(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1).

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