lrs-fourier - Man Page

use Fourier Elimination to project to a lower dimension


lrs-fourier INFILE [OUTFILE]


Lrs-fourier computes a projection from a higher dimension to a lower dimension using Fourier Elimination.  INFILE must be of type integer or rational only. The only accepted option is “project”.  This line in the input:

project t d_1 d_2 ... d_t

projects onto the t dimensions specified.

File Format

The input file should be in the format documented at

Exit Status

The exit status is one if an error is encountered, or zero otherwise.

See Also

lrs(1), lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrsnash(1), lrs-rat2float(1),lrs-redund(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1)

Referenced By

lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrs-rat2float(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1).