lrs-float2rat - Man Page

Convert floating point coefficients to rationals


lrs-float2rat [FILE]


Lrs-float2rat reads a polyhedron file, or stdin if no file is given, and converts its floating point coefficients to rational coefficients.  Each floating point coefficient f is converted to 10^k*f/10 for an appropriate value of k.  The results are not reduced.

The resulting polyhedron is printed to stdout.

File Format

The input file should be in the format documented at

Exit Status

The exit status is one if an error is encountered, or zero otherwise.

See Also

lrs(1), lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-fourier(1), lrsnash(1), lrs-rat2float(1),lrs-redund(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1)

Referenced By

lrs-2nash(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-fourier(1), lrs-rat2float(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1).