lrs-2nash - Man Page

compute all Nash equilibria in parallel for a 2-person game


lrs-2nash GAME1 GAME2 [GAMEOUT]


Lrs-2nash computes all Nash equilibria for a 2-person game, described by 2 payoff matrices, A and B.  The matrices A and B are the output of lrs-setupnash(1) or lrs-setupnash2(1), and stored in files GAME1 and GAME2.  The output is written to GAMEOUT, or stdout if GAMEOUT is not given.  See to limit the search based on objective function value.

Lrs-2nash runs 2 instances of lrsnash(1) in parallel, one for each order, in order to compute the result.  When one instance finishes, the other instance is killed and the output is shown.

Exit Status

The exit status is one if an error is encountered, or zero otherwise.

See Also

lrs(1), lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrs-fourier(1), lrsnash(1), lrs-rat2float(1), lrs-redund(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1)

Referenced By

lrs-buffer(1), lrs-float2rat(1), lrs-fourier(1), lrs-rat2float(1), lrs-setupnash(1), lrs-setupnash2(1), plrs(1).