lprint-submit - Man Page

submit a file for printing.


lprint [ submit ] [ -d PRINTER ] [ -u PRINTER-URI ] [ -n COPIES ] [ -o OPTION=VALUE ] [ -t TITLE ] [ FILE [ ... FILE ] ]
lprint [ submit ] [ -d PRINTER ] [ -u PRINTER-URI ] [ -n COPIES ] [ -o OPTION=VALUE ] [ -t TITLE ] -


This command submits one or more files for printing. The first form prints the named files. The second form copies the print file from the standard input.


The following options are recognized by lprint submit:


Specifies the name of the printer queue. If not specified, the default printer is used.


Specifies the number of copies.

-o media=SIZE-NAME

Specifies the label size.

-o media-source=ROLL-NAME

Specifies the label roll.

-o media-top-offset=NNNin
-o media-top-offset=NNNmm

Specifies the distance to offset printing from the top of the label in inches ("NNNin") or millimeters ("NNNmm").

-o media-tracking=continuous
-o media-tracking=mark
-o media-tracking=web

Specifies how labels are tracked on the carrier backing - "continuous" for a continuous label or receipt paper, "mark" for labels that are separated with a visible mark on the carrier backing, or "web" for labels that are separated with a hole in the carrier backing.

-o media-type=continuous
-o media-type=labels

Specifies the type of roll media being used - "continuous" for continuous labels or receipt paper, or "labels" for cut labels on a carrier backing.

-o orientation-requested=portrait

Print images in portrait orientation.

-o orientation-requested=landscape

Print images in landscape (90 degrees counter-clockwise) orientation.

-o orientation-requested=reverse-portrait

Print images in reverse-portrait (upside down) orientation.

-o orientation-requested=reverse-landscape

Print images in reverse-landscape (90 degrees clockwise) orientation.

-o orientation-requested=none

Print images in automatic (portrait or landscape) orientation.

-o print-color-mode=bi-level

Only print black or white when printing images.

-o print-color-mode=monochrome

Halftone shades of gray when printing images. -o print-content-optimize=auto Optimize printing automatically based on the type and content of the file. -o print-content-optimize=graphic Optimize printing for graphics only. -o print-content-optimize=photo Optimize printing for photos. -o print-content-optimize=text Optimize printing for text only. -o print-content-optimize=text-and-graphic Optimize printing for text and graphics.

-o print-darkness=NNN

Specifies the print darkness from -100 (lightest) to 100 (darkest).

-o print-quality=draft

Print using draft quality.

-o print-quality=normal

Print using normal quality.

-o print-quality=high

Print using high/best quality.

-o print-speed=NNNin
-o print-speed=NNNmm

Specifies the print speed in inches ("NNNin") or millimeters ("NNNmm") per second.

-o printer-resolution=NNNdpi

Specifies the print resolution in dots per inch.


Specifies the print job name.


Specifies an "ipp:" or "ipps:" URI for a remote printer.

See Also

lprint-cancel(1), lprint-default(1), lprint-options(1).

Referenced By

lprint(1), lprint-add(1), lprint-cancel(1), lprint.conf(5), lprint-modify(1).

LPrint 2021-12-21 Michael R Sweet