lprint-modify - Man Page

modify a printer queue.


lprint modify -d PRINTER [ -m DRIVER-NAME ] [ -v DEVICE-URI ] [ -o OPTION=VALUE ]
lprint modify -u PRINTER-URI [ -m DRIVER-NAME ] [ -v DEVICE-URI ] [ -o OPTION=VALUE ]


This command modifies an existing label printer queue.


The following options are recognized by lprint modify:


Specifies the name of the print queue.


Specifies the name of the print driver. See lprint-drivers(1) for the command to list the available print drivers.


Specifies the default value for the given option name. See lprint-submit(1) for a list of supported options.

-o label-mode-configured=VALUE

Specifies the label printing mode: "applicator", "cutter", "cutter-delayed", "kiosk", "peel-off", "peel-off-prepeel", "rewind", "rfid", or "tear-off".

-o label-tear-offset-configured=NNNin
-o label-tear-offset-configured=NNNmm

Specifies the label tear-off offset in inches ("NNNin") or millimeters ("NNNmm").

-o printer-darkness=NNN

Specifies the base darkness setting for all print jobs as a percentage. 0 represents the lightest printing while 100 represents the darkest printing.

-o printer-geo-location=geo:=LATLON

Specifies the geographic location of the printer as a "geo:" URI.

-o printer-location=LOCATION

Specifies the human-readable location, for example "Rack 42".

-o printer-organization=ORGANIZATION

Specifies the organization name, for example "Acme, Inc.".

-o printer-organizational-unit=UNIT

Specifies the organizational unit, for example "Shipping Department".


Specifies an "ipp:" or "ipps:" URI for a remote printer.


Specifies the device for the print queue. The value can be a socket: URI such as "socket://" or an snmp: or usb: URI as listed by the lprint-devices(1) command.

See Also

lprint(1), lprint-add(1), lprint-delete(1), lprint-devices(1), lprint-drivers(1), lprint-options(1), lprint-submit(1)

Referenced By

lprint(1), lprint-add(1), lprint.conf(5), lprint-default(1), lprint-delete(1), lprint-devices(1), lprint-drivers(1).

LPrint 2021-12-21 Michael R Sweet