lpf-gui man page

lpf-gui — Non-redistributable rpms management GUI interface


lpf-gui [package]

If given a package argument, lpf-gui will make an attempt to update this package before displaying the main window.


lpf-gui provides a graphical interface handling non-redistributable rpm packages. It's based on lpf(1).

lpf handles lpf packages named like lpf-spotify-client and target packages which is spotify-client in this case. The lpf package is basically just a thin recipe how to build the target package. Target packages are by definition non-redistributable.

lpf-gui has functions to build and install target packages, inspect state, view logs, handle notifications etc.


This is open source software under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.



Daemon listening for package state change events. Installed when enabling notifications

See Also


   Source, FSM description, issue tracker, etc.


   All lpf-gui operations are using lpf.

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