logconv.pl man page

logconv.pl — analyzes Directory Server access log files


logconv.pl [-h] [-d <rootDN>] [-s <size limit>] [-v] [-V] [-S <start time>] [-E <end time>] [-T <min etime>] [-efcibaltnxgjuU] [ access log ... ... ]


Analyzes Directory Server access log files for specific information defined on the command line


A summary of options is included below:

-h, --help
-d, --rootDN <Directory Managers DN>
DEFAULT -> cn=directory manager
-D, --data <Location for temporary data files>

DEFAULT -> /tmp
TIP -> If there is not enough RAM, a RAM disk can be used instead:

mkdir /dev/shm/logconv, and use this directory for the "-D" value.

-s, --sizeLimit <Number of results to return per category>
-X, --excludeIP <IP address to exclude from connection stats>
E.g. Load balancers
-v, --version show version of tool
Print version of the tool
-S, --startTime <time to begin analyzing logfile from>
Time to begin analyzing logfile from E.g. [28/Mar/2002:13:14:22 -0800]
-E, --endTime <time to stop analyzing logfile>
Time to stop analyzing logfile from E.g. [28/Mar/2002:13:24:62 -0800]
-T, --minEtime <minimum etime to report unindexed searches>
The minimum etime that is required to record and report on an unindexed search. Default is zero.
-M, --reportFileMins <CSV output file>
This option creates a CSV report for spreadsheets.
-m, --reportFileSecs <CSV output file>
This option creates a CSV report for spreadsheets.
-B, --bind <ALL | ANONYMOUS | Bind DN >
This generates a report based on either ALL bind dn's, anonymous binds, or a specific DN.
-V, --verbose <enable verbose output - includes all stats listed below except U>
Verbose output
e Error Code stats
f Failed Login Stats
c Connection Code Stats
i Client Stats
b Bind Stats
a Search Base Stats
l Search Filter Stats
t Etime Stats
n Nentries Stats
x Extended Operations
r Most Requested Attribute Stats
g Abandoned Operation Stats
j Recommendations
u Unindexed Search Stats (very detailed)
y Connection Latency Stats
p Open Connection ID Stats
U Unindexed Search Summary



logconv.pl -s 10 -V access

logconv.pl -d "cn=directory manager" /export/server4/slapd-host/logs/access*

logconv.pl -s 50 -ibgju access*

logconv.pl -S "[28/Mar/2002:13:14:22 -0800]" -E "[28/Mar/2002:13:50:05 -0800]" -e access


logconv.pl was written by the 389 Project.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://fedorahosted.org/389/newticket.

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May 18, 2008