log2gpx - Man Page

Convert Dire Wolf log files to GPX format.


log2gpx [ file ... ]

The command line can contain one or more log file names.  If no files are specified, stdin is used.  

The result is always written to stdout.  Redirect stdout to save results to a file.


log2gpx  converts Dire Wolf log files to the GPX format used by many mapping applications.

Stationary entities are converted to waypoints.  Moving entities are converted to tracks.




direwolf -l logdir

log2gpx logdir/* > everybody.gpx

egrep -e '^[^,]+,[^,]+,[^,]+,WB2OSZ,' logdir/* | log2gpx > justme.gpx

See Also

More detailed information is in the pdf files in /usr/local/share/doc/direwolf, or possibly /usr/share/doc/direwolf, depending on installation location.

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