local_lsmplugin - Man Page

LibstorageMgmt Local Pseudo plugin


LibstorageMgmt local plugin allows user to manage locally storage system without caring which real plugin(s) should be used. The 'local_lsmplugin' executable file is for libStorageMgmt daemon to execute when client user specifies local plugin in the URI.

Currently, local plugin wraps these plugins:

   * MegaRAID plugin -- `megariad_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * SmartArray plugin -- `hpsa_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * Adaptec plugin -- `arcconf_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * NFS plugin -- `nfs_lsmplugin(1)`.

Specific binary tool may be required, please check error message or manpage of above plugins.

To load NFS plugin, kernel module 'nfsd' should be loaded.


To use this plugin, users should set their URI to this format:

URI parameters

These URI parameters are supported by this plugin:


The 'ignore_init_error' URI parameter is used to ignore errors when initializing real plugins. But if no valid system are found, an error will still be raised.

By default, all errors will be raised.


The 'only' URI parameter is used to force local plugin only load specific real plugin.

By default, all plugins will be loaded if supported hardware has been found.


This URI parameter format is used to pass URI parameters to real plugin. For example, to pass 'storcli=/usr/bin/storcli' URI parameter to MegaRAID plugin, you would use 'megaraid_storcli=/usr/bin/storcli'.

Root Privilege

This plugin requires both lsmd daemon and API client running as root user. Please check manpage lsmd.conf (5) for details.

Supported Hardwares

Please refer to these manpages for hardware support status.
   * MegaRAID plugin -- `megariad_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * SmartArray plugin -- `hpsa_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * Adaptec plugin -- `arcconf_lsmplugin(1)`.
   * NFS plugin -- `nfs_lsmplugin(1)`.

Detailed support status can be queried via:

* lsm.Client.capabilities()  (Python API)
* lsm_capabilities()         (C API)
* lsmcli capabilities        (lsmcli command line).

Firewall Rules

This plugin only executes tools on localhost. No network connection required.

See Also

lsmcli(1), lsmd(1)


Please report bugs to <libstoragemgmt-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>


Gris Ge <fge@redhat.com>


July 2017 local_lsmplugin 1.9.8 libStorageMgmt