llvm-otool-13 - Man Page

Mach-O dumping tool


llvm-otool [option...] [file...]


llvm-otool is a tool for dumping Mach-O files.

It attempts to be command-line-compatible and output-compatible with macOS's otool.


-arch <value>

Select slice of universal Mach-O file.


Print linker optimization hints.


Print shared library id.


Print data section.


Print universal headers.


Print data-in-code table.


Print help for hidden flags.


Print help.


Print mach header.


Print indirect symbol table.


Print opcode bytes.


Print used shared libraries.


Print load commnads.


Select cpu for disassembly.


Print Objective-C segment.


Print __TEXT,__info_plist section as strings.

-p <function name>

Start disassembly at <function name>.


Print relocation entries.

-s <segname> <sectname>

Print contents of section.


Print text section.


Print version.


Symbolize disassembled operands (implies -v).


Verbose output / disassemble when printing text sections.


Omit leading addresses or headers.


Print all text sections.


Read command-line options and commands from response file <FILE>.

Exit Status

llvm-otool exits with a non-zero exit code if there is an error. Otherwise, it exits with code 0.


To report bugs, please visit <https://bugs.llvm.org/>.

See Also

llvm-nm(1), llvm-objdump(1)


Maintained by the LLVM Team (https://llvm.org/).


2023-01-31 13 LLVM