llvm-dwarfdump-5.0 man page

llvm-dwarfdump ā€” print contents of DWARF sections


llvm-dwarfdump [options] [filenames...]


llvm-dwarfdump parses DWARF sections in the object files and prints their contents in human-readable form.



Specify the DWARF section to dump. For example, use abbrev to dump the contents of .debug_abbrev section, loc.dwo to dump the contents of .debug_loc.dwo etc. See llvm-dwarfdump --help for the complete list of supported sections. Use all to dump all DWARF sections. It is the default.

Exit Status

llvm-dwarfdump returns 0 if the input files were parsed and dumped successfully. Otherwise, it returns 1.


Maintained by The LLVM Team (http://llvm.org/).


2018-07-14 5 LLVM