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llmk - Man Page

Light LaTeX Make


llmk [OPTION]... [FILE]...


llmk is yet another LaTeX-specific build tool. Its aim is to provide a simple way to write down workflows for processing LaTeX documents. The only requirement is the texlua(1) program.

If one or more FILE(s) are specified, llmk reads the TOML fields or other supported magic comments in the files. Otherwise, it will read the special configuration file llmk.toml in the working directory. Then, llmk will execute the specified workflow to typeset the LaTeX documents.


-c,  --clean

Remove the temporary files such as *.aux and *.log.

-C,  --clobber

Remove all generated files including final PDFs.

-dCAT, --debug=CAT

Activate debug output restricted to CAT.

-D, --debug

Activate all debug output (equal to "--debug=all").

-h,  --help

Print this help message.

-n,  --dry-run

Show what would have been executed.

-q,  --quiet

Suppress warnings and most error messages.

-s,  --silent

Silence messages from called programs.

-v,  --verbose

Print additional information (e.g., running commands).

-V,  --version

Print the version number.

Exit Status




General error.


Error in invoked program. The exit status of the external program is reported in an error message.


Parser error.


Type error.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://github.com/wtsnjp/llmk/issues.
Source: https://github.com/wtsnjp/llmk

See Also

The full documentation is maintained as a PDF manual. The command

texdoc llmk

should give you access to the complete manual.


March 2023 llmk 1.2.0 llmk manual