listgeo - Man Page

dump geotiff metadata


listgeo [-tfw] [-no_norm] [-proj4] [-t DIR] file


The program listgeo takes a GeoTIFF file as input and dumps to the standard output a GeoTIFF "metadata" file, which is human readable, and may also be used as input to other programs which use the "GTIFImport" routine, such as geotifcp.


listgeo accepts the following options:


report lat/long corners in decimal degrees instead of DMS


Generate a .tfw (ESRI TIFF World) file for the target file


Don't report 'normalized' parameter values


Report PROJ.4 equivelent projection definition

-t DIR

force to look in DIR for EPSG_CVS files, overriding default behaviour

Other Info

This program is distributed with libgeotiff software. The home page is located at Here you can find links about other related projects. A mailing list about libgeotiff development is currenctly active at


Niles Ritter, Frank Warmerdam <>, Derrick J. Brashear <> and many others contributors.

See Also

geotifcp(1) applygeo(1)

Referenced By

applygeo(1), geotifcp(1).

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