lirc-lsremotes man page

lirc-lsremotes — parse lirc configuration files.


lirc-lsremotes [options] <directory>

lirc-lsremotes [options] <file>


lirc-lsremotes can parse lirc remote configuration files (i. e., lircd.conf) and display a condensed index line, the complete data and/or diagnostics.

When given a directory (first form) it expects this to contain a number of vendor directories, each of which containing one or more configuration files.

In the second form lirc-lsremotes displays remote configurations for a given config file.


-d, --dump
Dump the complete configuration data for listed configurations.
-s, --silent
Only print diagnostics.
-v --version
Print version info
-h, --help
Print help message.


Print a status line and possible diagnostics for a file:

$ lirc-lsremotes  remotes/hitachi/RM-466E.lircd.conf

lirc-lsremotes: Warning RM-466E: you should specify a valid gap value


List a status line for all remotes under remotes, saving diagnostics into a file:

$ lirc-lsremotes  remotes > remotes.list 2>warnings.txt

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