lirc-lsplugins - Man Page

Print dynamic modules info


lirc-lsplugins [-l] [-q] [-U plugindir] [drivers]

lirc-lsplugins -e [-q] [-U plugindir]

lirc-lsplugins -y  [-U plugindir]


Tool which writes a simple list with info for each driver found. In particular, it writes info if a plugin can't be loaded e. g., due to unresolved references.

The drivers argument is an optional selector which limits the output to matching drivers. The match is a glob-type match as done by fnmatch()


-U --plugindir <path>

Use <path> to search for plugins. The path is a':'-separated search path similar to e. g., $PATH.

-q --quiet

Don't write headers and trailing legend.

-s --summary

Just write a summary over number of plugins, drivers and errors.

-e --errors

Only list plugins which can't be loaded, or does not contain any drivers.

-y --yaml

Make a YAML listing reflecting the drivers' configuration hints such as the device_hint. The format is unstable and primarely used by lirc-setup(1).

-l --long

Add info on driver features.

-p --default-path

Print default search path and exit.

-h --help

Display usage summary.

-v --version

Display version info.


$ lirc-lsplugins -U ../lib/.libs:/usr/local/lib/lirc/plugins tira*

Lists all drivers with name matching 'tira*' found in plugins living in ../lib/.libs or /usr/local/lib/lirc/plugins.

Return Value

lirc-lsplugins returns a non-zero error code if there is at least one plugin from which no driver can be loaded or options and parameters can't be parsed. Otherwise it returns zero.


Some drivers change their capabilities in runtime after inspecting the underlying hardware. These runtime capabilities can not be listed by lirc-lsplugins.

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Last change: Oct 2016 lirc-lsplugins 0.10.0