linux-driver-management - Man Page

Query and manage drivers


linux-driver-management [options?] [subcommand]


linux-driver-management is the main introspection and control binary provided with the linux-driver-management library and project. Primarily it is used to query system devices and status, and also provides configuration options for X11 for certain drivers.


The following subcommands are understood by linux-driver-management(1).

configure [gpu]

Attempt configuration of the GPU specific details for X11. For
"simple" devices configurations, this will invariably just configure
the main X11 configuration file.

For hybrid GPU configurations (such as Optimus), when used in
conjunction with the proprietary drivers, specialist support will
be enabled to ensure that X11 sessions will set the primary output
provider to the discrete GPU.

The result is that `ldm-session-init` will be invoked at the
start of the session by the display manager. This can be added
to your `xinitrc` file if you are not using a display manager.


Print the program version, and exit.


Print the help message, displaying all supported options, and exit.


List the GPU configuration and any devices with known providers.


The following options are applicable to linux-driver-management(1).

Exit Status

On success, 0 is returned. A non-zero return code signals a failure.

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