limnoria-plugin-doc - Man Page

Generates the documentation for a Limnoria plugin


limnoria-plugin-doc [options]


limnoria-plugin-doc is used to generate documentation (StructuredText or reStructuredText format) for a limnoria(1) plugin.



Show version of program.

-h,  --help

Show summary of options.

-c,  --clean

Clean the various data/conf/log directories after generating the docs.

-o,  --output-dir=OUTPUTDIR

Specifies the directory in which to write the documentation for the plugin.

-f,  --format=FORMAT

Specifies which output format to use.  Choices are 'rst' or 'stx'.


Looks in the given directory for plugins and generates documentation for all of them.

See Also

python(1), limnoria(1), limnoria-test(1), limnoria-botchk(1), limnoria-wizard(1), limnoria-adduser(1), limnoria-plugin-create(1)


This manual page was originally written by James McCoy <vega dot james at gmail dot com>.  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Limnoria license, a BSD-style license.

Referenced By

limnoria(1), limnoria-adduser(1), limnoria-botchk(1), limnoria-plugin-create(1), limnoria-test(1), limnoria-wizard(1).

The man page supybot-plugin-doc(1) is an alias of limnoria-plugin-doc(1).

May 2009