lightspark - Man Page

a free Flash player


lightspark [--url|-u http://loader.url/file.swf] [--air] [--avmplus] [--disable-rendering] [--disable-interpreter|-ni] [--enable-fast-interpreter|-fi] [--enable-jit|-j] [--ignore-unhandled-exceptions|-ne] [--log-level|-l 0-4] [--parameters-file|-p params-file] [--profiling-output|-o] [--security-sandbox|-s <sandbox type>] [--exit-on-error] [--HTTP-cookies <cookie>] [--version|-v] file.swf


Lightspark is a free, modern Flash Player implementation, this documents the options accepted by the standalone version of the program.

The player is currently in Beta, support for any particular SWF file is not guaranteed.

You might wish to see the project website at or our  technical blog at


--url loader.url/file.swf, -u loader.url/file.swf

Pretends to be loading the file from an url

--disable-interpreter,  -ni

Disable the ActionScript interpreter


Enable an experimental optimized ActionScript interpreter

--enable-jit,  -j

Enable the ActionScript JIT compilation engine

--ignore-unhandled-exceptions,  -ne

Ignore unhandled runtime exceptions

--log-level 0-4, -l 0-4

Sets the verbosity of the output, the default is 2

--parameters-file params-file, -p params-file

Load flash parameters from file. Every odd line will be interpreted as a parameter name, with the following one as the value.

--profiling-output profiling-file, -o profiling-file

Output profiling data to profiling-file in a callgrind/KCachegrind compatible format

--security-sandbox type, -s type

Run a Flash file in a given sandbox to control access to network and local files. The possible types are: remote (default), local-with-filesystem, local-with-networking, local-trusted.


Exit as soon as the first error is encountered.

--HTTP-cookies cookie

Set cookie to be used in HTTP requests.


Run as an AIR application: grant permission to access both local files and network, and enable AIR APIs.

--load-extension extension-file, -p extension-file

Load AIR extension from file. --avmplus

Run as an application with avmplus package: grant permission to access both local files and network, and enable avmplus APIs.


Run the application without the need for a graphical environment.

--scale >=1.0, -sc >=1.0

scales the application window by the provided factor, default is 1.0 for example use --scale 2.0 on 4k screens

--fullscreen,  -fs

displays the swf file in fullscreen mode

--version,  -v

Shows lightspark version and exits.


lightspark was written by Alessandro Pignotti.

This manual page was written by Jacopo Corbetta <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


November 9, 2013