licensecheck - Man Page

simple license checker for source files


Version v3.1.1


licensecheck --help|--version

licensecheck [options...] path [path...]


licensecheck attempts to determine the license that applies to each file passed to it, by searching the start of the file for text belonging to various licenses.

If any of the arguments passed are directories, licensecheck will add the files contained within to the list of files to process.


If either of environment variables INFO, DEBUG or TRACE is set to true, varying details about discoveries are emitted to STDERR.

See Also

Other similar tools exist.

Here is a list of known tools also command-line based and general-purpose:

copyright-update <>

Written in Perl.

debmake <>

Written in Python.

Specific to Debian packages.

decopy <>

Written in Python.

)item Licensee <>

Written in Ruby.

LicenseFinder <>

Written in Ruby.

ninka <>

Written in C++.

Used in FOSSology <> (along with Monk and Nomos apparently unavailable as standalone command-line tools).

ripper <>

Written in Go.

scancode-toolkit <>

Written in Python.


Jonas Smedegaard <>


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