license-fedora2spdx - Man Page

Converts old Fedora license string to SPDX identifier.


license-fedora2spdx [-h] [--file FILE] [--verbose] license

positional arguments: license license string. E.g., 'GPL or MIT'.


-h,  --help

Show help message and exit.

--file FILE

Read the grammar from this file. Default is /usr/share/license-validate/grammar-shortnames.lark. And if this default does not exists then script reads ./full-grammar-shortnames.lark.

--verbose,  -v

Print more human friendly messages. Otherwise just exits with error code zero if license is valid otherwise with error code 1 if license is invalid.


Takes license string in old short format (as stated on Licensing wiki) and converts it to formula of SPDX identifiers.

It warns you when the short name can be converted to multiple SPDX identifiers. You must then research which license is correct.

This script does not check source files and does not check whether the license is actually correct. For this purpose you may use licensecheck.


Miroslav Suchý <>


04/11/2024 license-validate License Validate