libxls2csv - Man Page

convert binary Excel (.xls) files to CSV


xls2csv input-file [-l] [-v] [-e encoding] [-t sheet] [-q quote char] [-f field separator]


xls2csv converts binary Excel files (.xls) to comma-separated values (CSV), sending the plain-text output to standard out.

Unless otherwise specified, all sheets in the workbook are processed, and the output values are double-quoted, separated by semicolons, and encoded as UTF-8. This behavior may be customized with the options below.



List sheets contained in the file but do not output their contents.

-t sheet

Only process the named sheet.

-e encoding

The iconv output encoding (default "UTF-8")

-q quote char

The character used to quote strings (default '"')

-f field separator

The character used to separate strings (default ';')


Verbose mode


The conversion tool has not been tested on big-endian machines.


Copyright (C) 2004-2019 the libxls authors


31 January 2019