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libwacom-list-local-devices - Man Page

utility to list tablet devices


libwacom-list-local-devices [--format=oneline|datafile] [--database /path/to/datadir]


libwacom-list-local-devices is a debug utility to list connected tablet devices identified by libwacom. It is usually used to check whether a libwacom data file is correct, present and/or applies to a specific device.



Sets the output format to be used. If oneline, the output format is a one-line format comprising the device name and the event nodes. If datafile, the output format matches the tablet data files. The default is oneline.

--database /path/do/datadir

Sets the data directory path to be used. This is only useful when testing against a modified data path. Only libwacom developers need this option.


The Linux kernel provides separate /dev/input/event* nodes for the stylus, the pad and the touch part of the tablet. These devices nodes are listed as part of this tool's output.

This tool is unable to distinguish between multiple identical devices. Only one such device will be listed, with all event nodes from all devices that are of the same type.