libinput-replay - Man Page

replay kernel events from a recording


libinput replay [options] recording


The libinput replay tool replays kernel events from a device recording made by the libinput record(1) tool. This tool needs to run as root to create a device and/or replay events.

If the recording contains more than one device, all devices are replayed simultaneously.



Print help


Only replay the recording once, then exit.


Replay the recording after waiting for s seconds. This replaces the default interactive prompt to start the replay.


This tool replays events from a recording through the the kernel and is independent of libinput. In other words, updating or otherwise changing libinput will not alter the output from this tool. libinput itself does not need to be in use to replay events.

This tool does not replay kernel-emulated key repeat events (events of type EV_KEY with a value of 2).


Part of the libinput(1) suite

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