libinput-analyze-touch-down-state - Man Page

analyze the touch states


libinput analyze touch-down-state [--help] [options] recording.yml


The libinput analyze touch-downstate tool analyzes a recording made with libinput record and prints "down" state of each touch. This tool aids with the detection of stuck touches.

This is a debugging tool only, its output may change at any time. Do not rely on the output.



Print help


Use the single-touch BTN_TOOL_ bits instead of the slot state. The output will only show the "highest" finger down at any time. For examples, where two fingers are down, only the second slot will be marked as down.


An example output for a two-finger alternating sequence below.

  6.140281 +1062ms: x | x
  7.410377 +1257ms:   | x
  7.420200    +9ms:   |
 11.233108 +3812ms: x | x
 11.245721   +12ms: x | x
 11.850206  +604ms:   |
 13.827740 +1977ms: x |
 13.839723   +11ms: x |
 14.704027  +864ms: x | x
 14.716691   +12ms: x | x


Part of the libinput(1) suite

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