libguestfs-boot-benchmark man page

boot-benchmark — Benchmark the time taken to boot the libguestfs appliance


 ./run utils/boot-benchmark/boot-benchmark


Benchmark the time taken to boot the libguestfs appliance.

It is essentially the same as doing:

 time guestfish -a /dev/null run

except that it warms up the caches and repeats the test many times, printing out the mean time and standard deviation.

This needs to be run on a quiet machine, so that other processes disturb the timing as little as possible.  The program is completely safe to run at any time.  It doesn't read or write any external files, and it doesn't require root.

You can run it from the build directory on the built copy of libguestfs like this:

 ./run utils/boot-benchmark/boot-benchmark

If you omit "./run" then it is run on the installed copy of libguestfs.



Display brief help.

--append "OPTIONS"

Append "OPTIONS" to the kernel command line.

-m MB
--memsize MB

Set the appliance memory size in MB.

--smp N

Enable "N" virtual CPUs.

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Richard W.M. Jones


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