lhapdf-getdata man page

lhapdf-getdata ā€” Get PDF sets from the LHAPDF repository


lhapdf-getdata [--main] [--all] [--repo=URL] [--dest=DEST] [--dryrun] <name|number> [<name|number> ...]


Grab PDF grid and param files from the LHAPDF repository and install them into the local LHAPDF data directory.


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Base URL of online sets repository (http://www.hepforge.org/archive/lhapdf/pdfsets/current)


PDF sets directory to install to (/usr/share/lhapdf/PDFsets)


Get ALL sets (this will be hundreds of megabytes... be careful!)


Just list available files


Overwrite existing files


Don't actually do any downloading

-Q, --quiet

Suppress normal messages

-V, --verbose

Add extra debug messages


Show all available sets:

lhapdf-getdata --list

Get all NNPDF PDFs with pattern matching:

lhapdf-getdata NNPDF

Get CTEQ6L1, CTEQ66, MRST-S LO* and LO** PDFs with pattern matching:

lhapdf-getdata CTEQ6ll CTEQ66 lomod MCal

Get MSTW2008 68% confidence PDF by full name:

lhapdf-getdata MSTW2008lo68cl.LHgrid

See how much downloading would be involved in getting all PDF sets:

lhapdf-getdata --all --dryrun

I'm hardcore, give me the whole collection:

lhapdf-getdata --all


This manual page was written by Lifeng Sun <lifongsun@gmail.com> for the Debian system (but may be used by others).


May 2011 lhapdf-getdata User Commands