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lgf-gen - Man Page

manual page for lgf-gen 1.3.1




[-2con|-tree|-tsp|-tsp2|-dela] [-disc|-square|-gauss] [-rand|-seed int] [--help|-h|-help] [-area num] [-cities int] [-dir] [-eps] [-g int] [-n int] [-nonodes] [prefix]



Prefix of the output files. Default is 'lgf-gen-out'


Print a short help message


Create a two connected planar graph

-area num

Full relative area of the cities (default is 1)

-cities int

Number of cities (default is 1)


Delaunay triangulation graph


Directed graph is generated (each edge is replaced by two directed arcs)


Nodes are evenly distributed on a unit disc (default)


Also generate .eps output (<prefix>.eps)

-g int

Girth parameter (default is 10)


Nodes are located according to a two-dim Gauss distribution

-n int

Number of nodes (default is 100)


Draw only the edges in the generated .eps output


Use time seed for random number generator

-seed int

Random seed


Nodes are evenly distributed on a unit square


Create a min. cost spanning tree


Create a TSP tour


Create a TSP tour (tree based)


June 2024 lgf-gen 1.3.1