lfc-dli-client man page

LFC-DLI-CLIENT(1)                User Commands               LFC-DLI-CLIENT(1)

      lfc-dli-client  -  lists the replicas for a given LFN, GUID via the DLI

      [1mlfc-dli-client [22m[ [1m--endpoint [4m[22mendpoint[24m ] [ [1m-h [22m|| [1m--help [22m] [ [1m-v [22m||  [1m--ver-[0m
      [1mbose [22m] [4mlogical[24m [4mfile[0m

      [1mlcg-dli-client  [22mlists  the  replicas  for a given LFN or GUID using the
      Data Location Interface (DLI) Web service for a LFC Server.

      [4mlogical[24m [4mfile[0m
             a URI which specifies the Logical File Name ( [1mlfn: [22m) or the Grid
             Unique IDentifier ( [1mguid: [22m).

             specifies a web service endpoint to connect to. This consists of
             a http URL with a hostname and an optional port number. An exam-
             ple is [1mhttp://lfc-dteam.cern.ch:8085/[0m

      The  environment  variable LFC_HOST may be set instead of specifying an
      endpoint to use.  Also,  DLI_PORT may be used if the DLI is running  on
      a non-standard port.  If DLI_PORT is not specified, the client defaults
      to port 8085.

               lfc-dli-client -e http://lfc-dteam-test:8085/                       lfn:/grid/dteam/dli-test

               sfn://lxb1533.cern.ch/storage//dteam/generated/2005-12-05/                       filed88f9c0b-1fba-40a4-b20e-66866d757643
               srm://lxb0724.cern.ch/pnfs/cern.ch/data/dteam/generated/                       2005-12-05/file9fd93cae-6400-4798-b4e9-2605bf31a7ff
               srm://lxb1921.cern.ch/dpm/cern.ch/home/dteam/generated/                       2005-12-05/file73c497d2-deed-46c8-b747-cda06c7708cb

      This program returns 0 if the operation was successful  or  >0  if  the
      operation failed.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mlcg_util(3), lcg-lr(3), lfc-dli(3)[0m

LCG                      $Date: 2005/12/05 15:47:44 $        LFC-DLI-CLIENT(1)