lensfun-update-data - Man Page

update Lensfun's database




Lensfun is a library that corrects flaws in photographic images introduced by the lens.  It also contains a comprehensive database of cameras and lenses together with their characteristics to be able to apply automatic corrections of images taken with these devices.  Lensfun is used by darktable, digiKam, rawstudio, GimpLensfun, UFRaw, and others.

lensfun-update-data is a command-line program that updates Lensfun's database.  It looks whether a new version is available online, and if this is the case, it fetches the latest version and installs it locally.  If called as root, the database is installed system-wide, otherwise, it is installed in the user's directory.


lensfun-update-data will place the fetched database in /var/lib/lensfun-updates/ (if called as root) or in ~/.local/share/lensfun/updates/ (otherwise).  If necessary, it will create this directory.  If there is already a database, it is replaced fully.  If Lensfun detects a database in one of these directories, it will use that instead of the default location below /usr/....


lensfun-update-data prints log messages to stdout.

Exit status:

0if OK (updates were installed),
1if no newer version could be found,
3if no DB location responded validly.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs at <http://sourceforge.net/p/lensfun/bugs/>.

See Also

g-lensfun-update-data(1), lensfun-add-adapter(1)


This manual page was written by Torsten Bronger <bronger@physik.rwth-aachen.de>

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