lei-refresh-mail-sync - Man Page

refresh sync info with Maildir, IMAP


lei refresh-mail-sync --all[=<remote|local>]

lei refresh-mail-sync MFOLDER [MFOLDER...]


lei refresh-mail-sync is intended to keep old messages indexed with lei-index(1) retrievable if Maildir flags change a filename.  It will prune invalid entries for messages which no longer exist in a Maildir.

It is also useful for ensuring lei-export-kw(1) can propagate keyword (flag) changes to Maildirs and IMAP folders.

It only needs read-only access to Maildirs and IMAP folders and will not attempt to write to them at all.



Refresh all local Maildirs and remote IMAP folders


Refresh all local Maildirs


Refresh all remote IMAP folders


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See Also

lei-index(1), lei-export-kw(1), lei-ls-mail-sync(1)

Referenced By

lei-add-watch(1), lei-export-kw(1), lei-index(1), lei-ls-mail-sync(1), lei-mail-sync-overview(7).

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