lei-rediff - Man Page

regenerate a diff with different options


lei rediff [Options] LOCATION [LOCATION...]

lei rediff [Options] (--stdin|-)


Read a message from LOCATION or stdin and regenerate its diff with the specified git-diff(1) options.  This is useful if you want to change the display of the original patch (e.g., increasing context, coloring moved lines differently, or using an external diff viewer).

It relies on the contents of the .git directory of your current project working tree.  In other words, it works anywhere git-am(1) works.  Otherwise, --git-dir= may be specified any number of times to add repositories to build blob data from.


In addition to many git-diff(1) options (e.g. -W, -w, -U $LINES) the following options are supported:


Read message from stdin.  This is implicit if no arguments are given and stdin is a pipe or regular file.

For users of text editors and pagers capable of piping its buffer to arbitrary commands, it is useful to pipe a patch email to lei rediff before piping it to git-am(1).  The output of lei rediff is compatible with git am if its input was a patch email.


De-Re-Quote.  De-quotes the input and re-quotes (the output). Removes COUNT levels of > email reply prefixes and re-adds them upon regenerating the diff.

This switch is intended as a convenience for running inside a pipe-capable text editor when writing replies to a patch email. Note: this may over-add > prefixes if some input lines are missing > prefixes.

COUNT is 1 if unspecified; in other words, --drq=1 and --drq are equivalent.

It implies “--quiet” unless “--verbose” is specified since text editors tend to combine stderr with stdout.


Like “--drq”, but does not re-add quote prefixes to the output.

This can be useful for feeding a hunk to git-apply(1) or patch(1) while writing a reply or further processing by another diff viewer.

Unlike “--drq”, it does NOT imply “--quiet”.


Specify an additional .git/ directory to scan.  This option may be given multiple times.

Default: the output of git rev-parse --git-dir


Do not look in the git repository of the current working directory.


Suppress progress output.


Provide more feedback on stderr.

The options below, described in lei-q(1), are also supported.





--torsocks=auto|no|yes, --no-torsocks



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See Also

lei-q(1), lei-blob(1), lei-p2q(1)

Referenced By

lei(1), lei-overview(7).

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