lei-ls-search - Man Page

list saved search queries


lei ls-search [Options] [PREFIX]


List saved search queries.  If PREFIX is given, restrict the output to entries that start with the specified value.



Display JSON output rather than default short output that includes only the saved search location.  Possible values are json, jsonl, or concatjson.


Pretty print json or concatjson output.  If stdout is opened to a tty and used as the --output destination, --pretty is enabled by default.


Long listing format (shortcut for --format=json).


Escape non-ASCII characters.


Use \0 (NUL) instead of newline (CR) to delimit lines.  This option is incompatible with --format.


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See Also

lei-q(1), lei-up(1), lei-edit-search(1), lei-forget-search(1)

Referenced By

lei(1), lei-edit-search(1), lei-forget-search(1), lei-up(1).

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