lei-export-kw - Man Page

export keywords (flags) to Maildir and IMAP folders


lei export-kw --all=[<remote|local>]

lei export-kw MFOLDER [MFOLDER...]


lei export-kw propagates keywords (e.g. seen, answered, flagged, etc.) from lei/store to IMAP folders and/or Maildirs. It only works for messages lei knows about (e.g. was used as a lei q --output, or imported via lei-import(1), or indexed via lei-index(1)).

It does not delete, write, nor modify messages themselves; it only sets metadata on Maildirs and IMAP folders.



Export to all local Maildirs and remote IMAP folders


Export all local Maildirs


Export all remote IMAP folders


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See Also

lei-refresh-mail-sync(1), lei-tag(1)

Referenced By

lei-ls-mail-sync(1), lei-mail-sync-overview(7), lei-refresh-mail-sync(1).

1993-10-02 public-inbox.git public-inbox user manual