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lei-convert - Man Page

one-time conversion from one mail format to another


lei convert -o OUTPUT [Options] LOCATION

lei convert -o OUTPUT [Options] (--stdin|-)


Convert messages to another format.  LOCATION is a source of messages: a directory (Maildir), a file (various mbox), or a URL (imap://, imaps://, nntp://, or nntps://).  URLs requiring authentication use git-credential(1) to fill in the username and password.

For a regular file, the location must have a <format>: prefix specifying one of the following formats: mboxrd, mboxcl2, mboxcl, or mboxo.



Message input format.  Unless messages are given on stdin, using a format prefix with LOCATION is preferred.

The following options are also supported and are described in lei-q(1).

-o MFOLDER, --output=MFOLDER

--lock METHOD






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lei(1), lei-mail-formats(5).

1993-10-02 public-inbox.git public-inbox user manual