ldplayer man page

ldplayer — MAME laserdisc image player


ldplayer pr8210 -rompath /path/to/pr8210.zip\;/path/to/image.chd


ldplayer is an optional utility that simply plays the audio and video from laserdisc CHD files. It actually emulates and therefore behaves just like a real laserdisc player - you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, and all the rest.


First of all, you need to go to your MAME ROMs folder and make a copy of cubeqst.zip (the ROMs for Cube Quest). Rename it as pr8210.zip.

Next, run ldplayer. Note that the first path in the -rompath option is the full path to the pr8210.zip file and the second is the full path to the laserdisc CHD file you wish to play. Note the backslash and the semicolon - \; - between them.

Once ldplayer is running, you can hit TAB like usual and check out Inputs (this game) to see the controls. Space is the Play/Pause button, for instance. Note that some laserdiscs (notably Cube Quest) have 30 seconds or more of nothing at the start, so you either need to be patient or use fast-forward to start seeing video.


Main configuration file.


2012-03-25 0.145u5 ldplayer